I create comprehensive back-of-the-book indexes for general and scholarly trade books, textbooks, cookbooks and biographies.

My fields of expertise include aviation, bibliographies, cooking, engineering, history, library and information technology, mathematics, military and defense, music, and physics.

I have 30 years of experience in software development in the military aviation field, involving military standard documentation. I am a qualified Library Technician, and I also have experience as a technical writer, documenting Canadian aircraft operator processes.


Indexing: Theory and Application, University of California Berkeley Extension

Information and Library Technologies, John Abbott College, Canada

BSc (Electrical Engineering), University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa


Indexing Society of Canada: https://indexers.ca/acadp_listings/wendy-savage/

Friends of Beaconsfield Library: https://beaconsfieldfriends.weebly.com/

Beaurepaire-Beaconsfield Historical Society: https://shbbhs.com/index.php/en/

Work History

Engineer/Technical Writer, Montreal, Canada

Stagiaire at Beaconsfield Library, Montreal, Canada

Stagiaire at Canadian Jewish Archives, Montreal, Canada

Software Analyst, Pretoria, South Africa

Systems Engineer, Midrand, South Africa

Software Engineer, Pretoria, South Africa


Indexing Society of Canada – Webinar program investigation

Friends of Beaconsfield Library – Communications Director

Volunteer West Island – Meals on Wheels


Available on request