An index is like GPS for your book.

A good book deserves another read, and then another … Or perhaps, you don’t need to read the whole book again, but just refer to parts that particularly interest you, whether for self interest or for research. But where are you going to find those particular parts?

This is where a good index is necessary. Go to the back of the book, and find out where specific people, places or events are discussed. The index will also guide you to concepts or themes that the author has developed in the book.

A good index is helpful both to the reader and to the author. The reader is going to find the desired information without effort, and the author is going to have their hard work made more visible to the reader.

I am Wendy Savage. As The Savvy Indexer, I create comprehensive and elegant back-of-the-book indexing services for a wide range of subjects.

Being savvy, I have practical knowledge and comprehension, with perception and good judgment.

My specialities include engineering, software development, aviation, mathematics and physics, as well as library and information technology. I am always keen to expand my knowledge, and can index in other topics as well. See about me for more details.

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